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"Vous êtes un diamantaire des vins"

once said a distinguished winemaker from Bordeaux and we did not object...

Welcome to Schmidt & Co. ENOTECA, Your Personal Wine Jeweller

Wine Sales

Come, explore our selection in person, collect your purchase, or call us to arrange direct shipping to you

Wine Tastings

Come and taste through our offerings, tour our cellars, and spend magical time at our magnificant premises


Rent our unique 500-old wine cellar for your corporate event or personal celebration

About Us

Schmidt & Co. ENOTECA is a boutique, family-owned fine wine distributor, reseller, collector, and investor. We exclusively represent Champagne Pol Roger in Slovakia and are one of the two resellers for Nino Franco Spumanti. Aside from these two exclusive wineries, we carefully select and curate fines wines and rarities from across the regions of Bordeaux, Champagne, Piemonte, Tuscany, and Napa Valley, among others, working with producers directly, or reputable dealers/brokers. In addition to sales in distribution, we collect, and correctly store wines as an alternative investment, since well-selected wine is sure to outperform stocks and real estate, and holds value well in a volatile macroeconomic climate. Visit us today and let us share our passion for wine with you.

Wine As a Passion

Wine as an Investment


Contact Us

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Schmidt & Co. ENOTECA s.r.o.

Kremeľská 21-23

84110, Bratislava-Devín

Slovak Republic 

(+421) 905 807926 


IČO: 35804530 

DIČ: 2021557703 

IČ DPH: SK2021557703

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