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Nino Franco

"To make good wine, one must think like a sculptor looking at a block of rough stone. He sees the veins running through the material, sensing the possibility of creating a piece of art, even before starting to work on it."  The quality of steadfast curiosity epitomizes what Nino Franco stands for. The story of Valdobbiadene Prosecco is among the most important across international cousines. From the production of the first vintage Prosecco in 1983 to the creation of a cocktail list for the Mayfair Regent Hotel in New York, Primo and Silvia bring wine with a unique character to the world, one that is shaped by the encounter between architecture and nouvelle cuisine, between pleasure and culture.



Our wines tell a story...

Some say that the nuances of white pepper are what make Nino Franco's Prosecco unique. Others insist on elegance, rich aromas, longevity, and an extremely pleasant drink.

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