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Our Philosophy

"Vous êtes un diamantaire des vins" is what once a seasoned and distinguished Bordeaux wine-maker told us, and it has struck a chord with us. Today it serves as much as a treasured memory, as an aspiration, and as the standard will strive to live up to. We are a proud exclusive importer of Champagne Pol Roger and one of two national importers for Nino Franco Spumanti. Aside from these valued partnerships, we carefully curate and select our wines, optimizing for their standing in the wine hierarchy, archival potential, and price-performance ratio. Our client relationships transcend the ordinary, grounded in a shared passion.

Our Values

Our Story: the Wine Jewellers

Our journey started at the beginning of the millennium, in 2001, fuelled by our passion for savoir vivre: arts, antiques, and gourmet. Our acquisition of the 550-year-old wine cellar compelled us to delve into wine collection and distribution professionally. It was then that we embarked on the exciting journey of getting to know the wine micro-cosmos while targeting the finest quality from the very outset. Today we pride ourselves in a carefully curated collection from regions across Bordeaux, Champagne,  Piemonte, Toscana, and Napa Valley. We are not just wine resellers; having created optimal conditions for the storage and archiving of our rare wines, we are also wine investors and collectors.

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